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Rusty’s Secret Lair

Holy crap what a great party at Rusty’s secret city lair. Thanks for the awesome pic Jodie Ponto and the amazing musicians who made it so much fun! The enraptured ensemble includes Noah Walker, CR Avery, Marin Patenaude Kathleen Nesbit, Ben Rogalsky, Crystal Bee,  Christie Rose, Gillian Moranz and Steve Charles. So grateful to know you amazing people!13047888_10156805054670285_4510877847046091302_o

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Benefit Show at Skinny Fat Jacks on April 23rd

Hey Vancouver,

Rusty will be playing a benefit show on April 23rd at Skinny Fat Jacks with some terrific local talent. Proceeds go to help victims of a fire in Manitoba. Fun night of murder ballads – don’t miss it!Skinny Fat Jack's

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Circle in the Fire II – April 7 at the Heatley

Hey Vancouver – bummed about losing the legendary Railway Club? Me too. Seems this town will soon only have monster homes, more condos and no musicians. But not yet! Come on out April 7 at the Heatley for a fun night of original music with some great singer-songwriters including Rodney DeCroo, Ana Bon Bon, Ben Everyman and Yours Truly. We’ll all have some new material to share. See you then!

A Circle In The Fire II_instagram

For your viewing pleasure, here is a fitting dirge for Vancouver’s fast disappearing musical venues from the great Geoff Berner. Enjoy.

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Jodie Ponto Rocks

East Van photonesta Jodie Ponto has been to many a Rusty show almost always snaps a great pic. Here is a small sampling of her awesome work. Thanks Jodie!

Rusty at Wise Hall Rusty at Wise Hall 2 Rusty at Arts Wells Legion

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Rusty is pick of Artswells

One of the incredibly fun things that happened this summer was playing the Artswells Music Fest. What a hoot! So many amazing acts – Rusty and the Extra Regulars were honored to even be there.
What a delight when I read a review by CBC blogger Maddy Crystal, who said Rusty was her #1 pick of the fest. Here’s her glowing
account of what was a super-fun show at the Wells Legion Hall:

Rusty Ford is a Vancouver based kooky Country artist who encapsulate both the absurdity and heartache that deeply exists in the threshold of Western music. His songs express the sadness and hilarity of life along a refreshing interpretation of the characters within it. Ford takes you on an eventful walk in the wrong side of town; his performance that was suitably placed at the Legion was wonderfully unforgettable. The audience sang along to his charmingly crooked lyrics such as “ I hate every bone in your body except mine” and “My truck, my dog and you” The Saturday night patron’s drew on the outdoor walls of the Legion, the staff made you feel like you were their first cousins and I have never seen more suspenders paired with Hawaiian shirts. Rusty Ford sang his reckless heart out in a Honky Tonk suit with a band as well suited as whiskey with squirrel.

Thanks Maddy!

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Fun with with Miss Quincy!

What’s the most awesome local Vancouver band (besides Rusty Ford of course..)? The amazing Miss Quincy and the Showdown! I’ll be sharing the stage with this killer-diller super-sexy rockin-blues act on July 13 at the Princeton Pub. Show starts at 9 sharp. Don’t be late or Quincy and the girls will kick the shit out of you..




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Ontario Tour!

Ontario is great in the summer. I love the patios and heat and a nice cold beer. Rusty will be touring around for the next two weeks with the incredible Carolyn Mark. Here’s a shot of the fun show last night at one of my all-time favorite bars: the Cameron House. They have four live acts every night of the week. So fun to play the Crack Smoking Mayor song in front of a hometown crowd.. See you next Tuesday Toronto!

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Fun Show at Skinny Fat Jack’s

We had a blast last night at Skinny Fat Jack’s – the first-ever Rusty Ford sing-a-long! Big shout out to Terri Upton for the awesome idea of printing up Rusty Ford song books. Jodie Ponto took this great pic of Terri and I singing a duet.. Hope to see you at the next show!

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Rusty’s New Video

Rusty and Extra Regulars had a great time playing the East van Opry with so many amazing artists. Skinny Tim over at Anchor Guitars just put together this live video of my sweet country love song “I miss you but my aim’s improving” featuring Noah Walker on lead guitar, Terri Upton on bass and Steve Taylor on drums.

Nice work Tim. Hope you enjoy it!

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Happy New Year!

Howdy Rusty Fans! How’s that hang over? Rusty had a great time last year and we’re looking forward to playing a lot more shows in 2015.

Here’s some of my favorite highlights from 2014.. Last August I got to share the stage with Billy McInnis and my old friend Luther Wright at the first annual Cloggeroo Festival in Georgetown PEI. Billy was the long-time fiddler for the late great Stompin Tom Conners and it was a real treat to roll out a set of Tom’s classics to a very appreciative home-province audience (including lots of my family who live there).

Rusty and the Extra Regulars had a three month weekly gig last spring at the Princeton Pub in Vancouver, which was a blast. Such a pleasure to share the stage with my regular band of Noah Walker on wailing lead guitar and the lovely Terri Upton on upright bass. Many special guests included Carolyn Mark, Sarah MacDougall, Michel Drouin and the amazing Miss Quincy.

One of the big highlights of last year was playing the East Van Orpy at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. What an incredible bill, including Rich Hope and His Blue Rich Rangers, The Sojourners, and John Reischman. Here’s some shots of Rusty and Extra Regulars (including Steve Taylor on drums) having a hoot in front of a crowd of 400.

2015 if going to be a great one – stay tuned for news on upcoming shows!