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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a fun and delicious Canadian Thanksgiving. As crazy as this world is there is so much to be grateful for, especially in Canada. Rusty had a fun summer in visiting family in the Maritimes and playing the first annual Cloggeroo Festival in Georgetown PEI. Thanks to all the great people that put that together. I got to share the stage with Billy MacInnis who played in Stompin’ Tom’s band for many years and my old friend Luther Wright – so much fun I can’t wait to do it again.

Rusty is back in the saddle this fall and playing local shows around Vancouver and I’ll keep you posted as dates are confirmed. See you soon!

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New Rob Ford Single

Hi Rusty Fans!

As a home-town guy I thought it was important to chronicle the exploits of Toronto’s celebrity mayor Rob Ford.

The song might not be that family-friendly but I’m not saying anything that His Worship has not said himself in front of the world… Hope you enjoy this satirical salute to someone who crazily may be our country’s most famous citizen.

Rusty Ford: Crack Smokin Mayor
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Buy Rusty’s Music!

Want to buy Rusty’s album “My Truck, My Dog and You”? Just Click this handy link:

Rusty Ford: My Truck, My Dog, and You

Or my single “Baby, I Need You”? Click this!

Rusty Ford: Baby I Need You
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Big Thanks to the Princeton Pub

It was a great weekly run at the Princeton Pub – thanks to everybody who came out to see all the shows we had the pleasure of doing since April! Big thanks as well to the amazing musicians Rusty got to play with including Noah Walker, Terri Upton, Michel Drouin, Timothy Tweedale, and Steve Houston. Rusty is heading back into the studio to record the Rob Ford song that we had so much fun playing every week. Get ready to hear that catchy sing along “Pussy Eating, Crack Smoking, Drunk Driving Mayor”..

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Stompin Tom Tribute at Princeton Pub

I’m playing a tribute show tonight to one of my musical heroes Stompin Tom Conners. Hope you can make it out!

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Big Thanks to Sarah MacDougall

I was super honored to share the stage last night with the incredible Sarah MacDougall, all the way from Whitehorse. These regular shows at the Princeton Pub are a blast! Rusty is playing every Wednesday – see you next week!


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Show tonight at the Princeton Pub

Hope you can make it our to the show tonight at the Princeton Pub. I’ll be sharing the stage with the lovely Kelly Haigh and some terrific musicians. I’m there every Wednesday starting tonight!

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Rusty’s a Songwriting Finalist

Just got word that my tune “I Miss You but My Aim’s Improving” was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest. Pretty cool..Here’s the link. Congrats to all the winners!

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Rusty’s New Track

Hi Folks – I recorded a new track when I was down in Nashville a while back and you can hear on my Sound Cloud sampler. It’s called Baby I Need You. It was a real pleasure to play with some of the hottest session musicians in town at the legendary Butcher Shop Studio. Big thanks to the recording engineer Sean Sullivan and the amazing players he lined up for me!

Rusty Ford: Baby I Need You
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My Truck, My Dog and You is “Country Gold”

Big thanks to Vancouver’s Georgia Straight for calling Rusty’s new album”country gold”!

According to the Straight:

“What might be most impressive about My Truck, My Dog, and You is that most classic-country fans won’t get the joke. Rusty Ford is based in Lotusland, but the golden-great tunes on this completely professional full-length seem beamed in from the boardrooms of Nashville circa ’74.

With zero imagination, you can picture rural Midwestern shit-kickers loving “I Hate Every Bone in Your Body (Except Mine)” and “I Miss You But My Aim’s Improving”—without, of course, understanding that Ford is singing every line with a knowing wink, even if he sounds more serious than Johnny Cash on “Hurt”.

As for you, if a hard-working pickup owner staggering around the Airstream piss-drunk, yelling at the wife and kids while unironically singing “I Drink Because You Cry”, seems hilarious, get ready for country gold.”

There’s no joke folks – just damn fine country music. Big thanks to my ol buddy Luther Wright for making this album sound so good.