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Rusty makes top ten list of albums for 2013

Big thanks to music critic Steve McLean of Toronto for including “My truck, My Dog and You” in his top ten albums of 2013! Glad you liked it Steve!



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Video from Exclaim Magazine

The good folks from Exclaim Magazine taped Rusty playing “My Truck, My Dog and You” in Toronto last summer and just posted it to their website. Here’s a link to their story.

Thanks you guys!

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Rusty at Folk Music Ontario

I had a super fun time at the Folk Music Ontario conference in Mississauga last weekend and saw a bunch of old friends and made some new ones. About 700 musicians descended on a conference centre outside of Toronto for three days of networking, showcases and jamming. Hopefully Rusty will get some festival gigs out of it next summer and get to play in other parts of this big beautiful country. So great to see old friends like Sarah MacDougall, Joanna Chapman Smith and have a keynote from Sarah Harmer – an amazing artist and warrior for the environment. I bet all conferences aren’t this much fun..

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Ontario Tour Pics

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What a Great Tour!

Rusty had an amazing time on the ten day tour through Ontario including dates at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern and the Dakota in Toronto. We rocked the Mansion in Kingston and had a super fun time at Kaffe 1870 in beautiful Wakefield Quebec. Looking forward to getting back that way soon. I’m going to going to the OCFF conference in October so it won’t be long now!

Here’s a shot from our show at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville.

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Rusty’s Review in Exclaim

Exclaim magazine just reviewed “My Truck My Dog and You” (7/10) and said:

“All 11 songs on this debut by the BC artist are guaranteed to lighten any listener’s mood, but there’s nothing to suggest that Ford isn’t serious about what he’s doing, including his classic honky tonk suit. Furthermore, he made the right choice working with Luther Wright, whose irreverent approach was writ large with his bluegrass version of The Wall some time back. Wright assembled top-notch players for this project as well, including Chris Brown (keys) and Dan Whiteley (mandolin), making the album a great listen simply on a musical level…Only those completely lacking a sense of humour won’t enjoy this record.”

Here’s the link. Thanks Exclaim – glad you liked it!


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New Rusty Ford Videos!

Well this is a big day for Rusty. Two teams of experts working independently and out of the goodness of their hearts have just released my first Rusty music videos.

That classic love song “I Drink Because you Cry” is a duet with the lovely Awna Teixeira who sang on my album. A huge shout out to Luther Wright, Harald Bachmann, and Luis Lam for all their great work.

One of my favorite tunes on the album “I’m Your Guy” was produced and directed by Tracy Lovelock and Jeff Mills with huge help from Grant Pearse and Allison Dunn. Thanks to the beautiful Kelly Haigh too!


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Rusty’s CD Release Tour!

Hi Rusty Fans!

I’m super excited to be playing my CD release tour in Ontario in September for My Truck, My Dog and You. Check out my tour page for dates and times. I’m going to be joined by some fantastic artists who played on the album including my old buddy Luther WrightMiss Emily “Sugarplum”, and Sheesham & Lotus. The great Rueben de Groot will be joining us for a Kingston show too. Hope you can make it!


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Rusty Ford T-Shirts!

Rusty Ford T-shirts are here! Hope you like the design honoring my truck, my dog and you. I’ll be selling them at Rusty shows and have some bumper stickers too!

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North Country Fair!

Rusty had a great time playing at the North Country Fair last month – what a great time! About 5,000 people from all around western Canada gather every year for one hell of a good party at Lesser Slave Lake about four hours north of Edmonton. Thanks to the organizers for doing such a good job and inviting Rusty to play there. Hope I get back there soon!