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Rusty is pick of Artswells

One of the incredibly fun things that happened this summer was playing the Artswells Music Fest. What a hoot! So many amazing acts – Rusty and the Extra Regulars were honored to even be there.
What a delight when I read a review by CBC blogger Maddy Crystal, who said Rusty was her #1 pick of the fest. Here’s her glowing
account of what was a super-fun show at the Wells Legion Hall:

Rusty Ford is a Vancouver based kooky Country artist who encapsulate both the absurdity and heartache that deeply exists in the threshold of Western music. His songs express the sadness and hilarity of life along a refreshing interpretation of the characters within it. Ford takes you on an eventful walk in the wrong side of town; his performance that was suitably placed at the Legion was wonderfully unforgettable. The audience sang along to his charmingly crooked lyrics such as “ I hate every bone in your body except mine” and “My truck, my dog and you” The Saturday night patron’s drew on the outdoor walls of the Legion, the staff made you feel like you were their first cousins and I have never seen more suspenders paired with Hawaiian shirts. Rusty Ford sang his reckless heart out in a Honky Tonk suit with a band as well suited as whiskey with squirrel.

Thanks Maddy!

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