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Exclaim magazine just reviewed “My Truck My Dog and You” (7/10) and said:

“All 11 songs on this debut by the BC artist are guaranteed to lighten any listener’s mood, but there’s nothing to suggest that Ford isn’t serious about what he’s doing, including his classic honky tonk suit. Furthermore, he made the right choice working with Luther Wright, whose irreverent approach was writ large with his bluegrass version of The Wall some time back. Wright assembled top-notch players for this project as well, including Chris Brown (keys) and Dan Whiteley (mandolin), making the album a great listen simply on a musical level…Only those completely lacking a sense of humour won’t enjoy this record.”

Here’s the link. Thanks Exclaim – glad you liked it!


Hey Folks – I just found out that my album “My Truck, My Dog and You” is now available on iTunes! A big moment for Rusty.. I’m sending out a huge thank you to all the kind and talented people who made this possible!

Phil Greyson December 1, 2014 at 10:33 pm

Evening Rusty. Any chance this will be available someplace other than iTunes? I’d love to start up a Ford fan club here on the East coast.


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mitch February 10, 2015 at 11:51 pm

Hey Phil! Great to hear from you. Hope you and Heather and Silvan are doing well! I back east this summer and might be playing a music fest in August on PEI – I’ll keep you posted and would love to have a visit.

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